Business Recognition Requirements

The sole organization in the United States authorized by the Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA), GRRN recognizes businesses and organizations that have adopted a Zero Waste goal and have reduced their waste to landfill, incineration or the environment by 90 percent or more. Participating organizations must submit formally published corporate sustainability or environmental reports on their websites, documents filed with regulatory agencies or published articles in trade magazines or general media.

Business Recognition Requirements
___ 1. Corporate Policy: Your business has adopted a Zero Waste policy that uses the ZWIA definition of Zero Waste – as summarized here:

  1. All discarded materials are resources
  2. Resources should not be burned or buried
  3. Goal is Zero Air, Water and Land Emission

___ 2. 90% Diversion or Better: Have achieved at least 90% diversion of all discarded resources from landfills or incinerators as defined in ZWIA Business Principles – for one facility, one geographic area or corporate-wide.

___ 3. In Compliance: Have met all national, state/provincial and local solid waste and recycling laws and regulations.

___ 4. Continuous Improvement: Have a written commitment to continuously reduce the remaining residue by at least 1% of baseline disposal each year and/or address other Zero Waste Business Principles over time.

___ 5. Phase Out Of Burning: Have a written commitment to phase out all discard burning in next contract with service providers or when alternative facilities are available. Please note that until all materials are diverted, use of upgraded landfills that meet European Union Landfill Directive or equivalent is preferable to any form of incineration.

___ 6. Initiatives: Will submit a summary of your Zero Waste initiatives that can be published on ZWIA and GRRN websites, and will indicate which sector you would like to be listed in by UNSPC.

___ 7. Yearly Renewal: Agree to submit 12 months of data to GRRN annually to be able to continue use of “ZWIA Approved” Recognition Program on your corporate material. Data submitted will be public and published on the GRRN’s website.

So that you understand the context of these questions, please read the ZWIA Guidelines under which GRRN operates the Zero Waste Business Recognition Program.