Optimize Recycling

as well as waste prevention, reuse and composting

Zero Waste is a design principle that places ultimate responsibility for product waste with the producer. Consumers must take responsibility for ensuring that used products are returned to recovery systems. Communities have an important role to play in ensuring that community-generated organics (food scraps, yard trimmings) are composted and returned safely back into the environment.



  • Why should you recycle? Answers are here. You’ll also find articles on how to set up recycling, a number of good books to read, links to state recycling organizations and a several articles on the sorry state of plastics recycling.

Composting (Recycling Food Scraps and Yard Trimmings)

Excess Packaging

Good Reading

  • Recyclers Are the True Conservatives
    By Daniel Knapp, Urban Ore (1995)
  • What’s Conservative About Conservatism?
    By David Orr, Oberlin College (1995)