Transforming MRFs, Transfer Stations & Landfills To Resource Recovery Parks & Zero Waste, 12/5/14

Friday, December 5, 9am – 3pm, Burbank Recycle Center, 500 S Flower St, Burbank, CA

Presented by CRRA’s Global Recycling Council, GRRN, Zero Waste Brain Trust and the City of Burbank
CRRA Members $25, Non-Members $35

Resource Recovery Parks (RR Parks) are powerful economic engines, harvesting cash from disposal service fees and product sales and naturally focused on highest and best use. Shared services provided to tenants of the Park will make individual businesses more cost effective. RR Parks are naturally evolving at or near MRFs, transfer stations and landfills. Come hear current thinking on the topic and learn how the Burbank Recycle Center may be redesigned to be a RR Park.

Speakers include: Ruth Abbe, Abbe Associates and GRC Co-Chair; Greg VanMechelen, VanMechelen Architects; Dan Knapp, Urban Ore Consulting; and Kreigh Hampel, Burbank Recycling Coordinator. There is a nominal fee of $25/$35 per person to cover lunch and incidentals. To register, use this PayPal link and enter $25 or $35 x the number of registrants. If you have a PayPal account please log-in, otherwise click on the Continue just above the credit card logos. If you have multiple registrants please list each name, title and email in the comments field. For additional information, email Gary at